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Sausage & Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms/Breakfast Hash

December 28, 2009

Full disclosure up front: I love food. But, the FTC folks probably care more about this disclosure: the fine folks at Reser’s Fine Foods sent me some of the products used in this blog post. Wasn’t that nice of them? Go give them some Twitter and Facebook love & tell them @designmama sent you 😉

As you know from my Savory Salmon Dip post, I love dips. They’re so simple and fast to make, and very versatile. I received a box of new fancy dips from Stonemill Kitchens — Artichoke & Parmesan, Artichoke & Jalapeno, and Three Cheese Pepperoncini — along with a couple of bags of New York Style Bagel Crisps in Sea Salt flavor. They came with recipe cards and suggestions on how to use the dips in alternate ways, such as a spread for Mediterranean Panini or Artichoke & Spinach Quiche. I tried all of the dips; they’re chunky, flavorful, but also be warned that they are all quite salty. After trying these I went out & bought the Seafood & Parmesan dip and it too is quite salty. So combined with the Sea Salt Bagel Crisps (which I normally love by themselves), I was oozing with salt for a day or two. Bloated is not a good look on me.I’ve got to be honest: I’m not a huge fan of the Three Cheese Pepperoncini or the Artichoke & Jalapeno dip. However, I did take a liking to the Artichoke & Parmesan dip, and the accompanying recipe card was intriguing so I decided to test it out & make it as an appetizer for our Christmas Feast.

They call it Artichoke & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, but I changed the recipe a bit and am more appropriately calling it Sausage & Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms.

Sausage & Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms

You can download their full recipe online, but here were my substitutions:

  • I used 2 Italian sausage links, removed from casings. Their recipe calls for 1/2 pound of Italian Sausage, and it should say “ground” sausage.
  • I deleted green onions because most Italian Sausages usually have a good amount of herbs in them. I’m glad I did omit them, because I think they would have overpowered the other ingredients.
  • I did not use the whole 10 ounce dip; I likely used about 7 oz, and it was just right.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It definitely takes longer than 10 minutes of prep time, so plan for double that (triple that if you have busy kids). This is a great recipe to make a day ahead, cool, place in the fridge, and then the next day you can pop them into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes before a party and they turn out fantastic. They were quite flavorful, enjoyed at our Christmas Feast, and the recipe actually makes a lot more than enough to fill 24 mushroom caps.

In fact, even after cutting back on quantity of ingredients, I still had a lot of filling leftover and my immediate thought (because I hate to waste good food!): Sausage & Pepper Breakfast Hash.

Sausage & Pepper Breakfast Hash

All you have to do to create the lovely concoction above is to chop up one large baking potato into small cubes, fry them up over a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat, combine the leftover sausage & dip filling, and voila! I have to say, I truly loved using the dip mixture with this breakfast hash more than the stuffed mushrooms. And now I love that I have a go-to source for expanding my meal options! Check out the Stonemill Kitchens website and download a coupon for $1 off so you can try the dips for yourself!

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  1. December 29, 2009 8:21 pm

    Thank you taking the time to try out our Stonemill Kitchens dips and for your honest opinion. Enjoyed reading your blog and especially like your sausage and red pepper hash breakfast recipe Artichoke & Parmesan dip.

    Thank you,
    Reser’s Fine Foods


  2. February 1, 2010 4:13 pm

    This looks amazing. So do all your other foods. My Lola should have made this!

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